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A few have oversize teardrops rolling down their cheeks. Patrice was raped at the age 12, started to work in a strip club on the West side of the city when she was 14 and was lured into prostitution in California by the man she then thought of as her boyfriend at the age of Patrice is one of about women in Division 17, a part of the jail for mostly young women, many of them mothers or pregnant, held on relatively minor charges. Most of them were prostitutes, many have mental-health problems and nearly all are recovering addicts.

Katie, a woman in her 20s of Puerto Rican descent, dropped out of school when she was 14, got pregnant by a gang member, had an abortion and started to drink heavily. Katie gave birth to three children, two of whom were taken away by social workers because of her addictions. Her oldest, a nine-year-old boy, is living with his father. Patrice, Katie and Hannah have all been advertised on the adult section of Back.

Prostitution is illegal in the United States, in all but a few counties in Nevada, but Back, which is run by two former journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, is by most estimates the biggest online marketplace for buying and selling sex in America. It has been under attack for several years from activists and politicians, who accuse the site of facilitating the pimping out of under-age girls. In , 46 attorneys-general sent the firm a letter demanding that it do more to fight sex trafficking on its website.

Back has defended itself with reference to the Communications Decency Act, a federal law passed in that says that internet-service providers are merely hosts and not publishers, which means they cannot be held liable for whatever is posted on them by a third party. Sites like Back may also make it easier for law-enforcement officers to identify those who are under-age, or have been coerced, and to track down those responsible. Thomas Dart, the sheriff of Cook County, does not see it that way.

The site became the market leader after Craigslist. In just one recent month in spring Back. After his appeals for co-operation were ignored, the sheriff went on the offensive. On June 29th he sent a letter to MasterCard and Visa asking the two credit-card companies to stop immediately the use of their cards to place on the adult section of Back. American Express, another big credit-card company, stopped doing business with Back earlier this year.

The firm is not responding in public to its ostracism by the credit-card behemoths, but on July 7th it gave them the finger by making all advertising on its adult section free.

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Support Local Journalism. the Cleveland Scene Press Club. Back was among the top websites where you could find about pretty much anything. One of the most visited sub- was the personal category, where many people sought and found casual dates or just hookups with no strings attached. The website was shut down in due to ties with prostitution and the exploitation of sex workers.

However, the people who were using the website in a completely legal way were left stranded. They are the first part of this list, and while they all in slightly different ways, they share a common goal — connecting people. From matchmaking websites to apps that connect you to random people seeking some NSA fun, this list has it all, so read through and decide which one would suit you the most. Adult Friend Finder is one of the biggest alternatives to Back for finding casual hookups, dates, and even relationships.